About Matt


Woodtang.com is the personal website of Matt Wood, a reader, writer and father of two living in Chicago. I’m a science blogger and social media jock at the University of Chicago Medicine by day, though as you’ll gather from some of my writing, I used to be an IT guy before I took a four-year break while my wonderful wife Debbie let me be a stay-at-home dad with my kids, Carter and Sadie.

I graduated from the Master of Arts in Creative Writing program at Northwestern University in 2007, and finished my undergraduate work at Indiana University in 1999, earning bachelor’s degrees in assorted business school and computer stuff, with a superfluous minor in history. Born and raised in a small town called Poseyville, Indiana, I grew up on basketball, popcorn, and the St. Louis Cardinals.

I started this site in 2001, back before we called it blogging, because I knew how to make a website and it seemed like a good idea. I use social media for most of what I used to do here, but if you’re interested in my writing, dig through the essay archive or check out some of my other projects in the menu. Thanks for stopping by.