Golden hour, West Loop

A walk around my neighborhood, maybe 30 minutes too late in the day.

Every now and then I try to get out and shoot during the famed Golden Hour, the hour before sunset when the light is supposed to look best. But what I’ve learned is when you’re shooting in the city, one hour before sunset is too late because the sun has gone down behind most of the buildings. Your pictures end up too dark and you run the risk of over editing, or they’re kinda flat with no contrast or good shadows.

Long story short, a couple weeks ago I thought the light was good and tried to run out and get some shots in the neighborhood. I covered the few blocks west of our house over toward the United Center, one of the few immediate stretches that hasn’t been turned into $1 million condos yet. I mistimed it and had to come home sooner than I wanted, but I still got some flavor of the neighborhood.