A Midwest nostalgia tour

A summer mini tour of St. Louis and Bloomington, Indiana.

This summer I took a mini tour of the Midwest, or at least to two of my secondary homes: St. Louis and Bloomington, Indiana.

I’ve been a Cardinals fan my whole life, and I still try to get back there one weekend a year to see a few games. This year we made it for the Albert Pujols reunion, his first games back in St. Louis after leaving to play for the Angels. These shots are just a bit of downtown around our hotel; someday I’ll spend more time there and do some proper walking.

Next up was Bloomington and Indiana University, my alma mater. My son was attending a basketball camp and it gave me an excuse to visit my family and see campus for the first time in years. The IU campus is beautiful, but to be honest I think Bloomington proper has more of my aesthetic. Nevertheless, I got a few shots from around the edges.