A fresh start

Some of my favorite photos of Chicago from 2019, and a fresh start for 2020.

I’ve been in the habit of posting a new set of photos here every time I go out to shoot a different neighborhood, but in the process of making some changes to my blog, I lost the last year of posts. So, instead of trying to redo everything, I’m just going to post some of my favorite shots of Chicago from 2019.

I struggled with finding the motivation to shoot at times last year, mostly disenchantment from the daily churn of posting photos on social media. But this site has been an important part of keeping that creative spark going. I’m an old fashioned blogger at heart, and it’s always important for me to have a place I control, where I can point and say, “Here’s my best stuff.” I want to keep that going, find new ways to organize and present my work, and maybe even provide some additional structure to the craft. More to come.