Socially distant

Quarantine in the West Loop

Like everyone, I’m doing what I can to keep from losing my mind during the Coronavirus quarantine. Daily walks (with and without our dogs) help, and I’ve started taking my camera with me, more as a way to document this time than to create “art” of any sort.

The thing is, this is a good time to take the kind of photos I usually take. No cars parked on the street blocking storefronts. Traffic is light, so I can stand in the middle of the street to get the right shot. Fewer pedestrians to wait out walking through my shot, or just the right ones with well-behaved dogs. Of course I wish it wasn’t like this, but it gives me something to pass the time.

Madison Street in the West Loop is usually a busy strip of restaurants, bars, and trendy boutiques. They’re all closed now, each with their own take on door signs.

Chicago Public Schools has been giving out free meals to families while schools are closed. Our kids’ school is one of the pickup sites, and these messages hit me the hardest. I know we’ll get through this—I just wish I knew when.