This spring I watched too many YouTube reviews and decided I needed a new camera, so I sold my Fuji X100T and bought an X-T2. It’s a beautiful camera and I took some beautiful photos with it, but after a few months I realized I didn’t love shooting with it the way I loved my X100T. I missed the size mainly, just being able to take it with me everywhere, so last week I eBay-ed the X-T2 and bought the slightly newer version of my old camera, an X100F.

This is my first batch with it and I’m thrilled with the way they turned out. I just went for a quick bike ride a few blocks north on Racine, up across the Metra tracks to see the murals along Hubbard Street. These are just jpegs straight from the camera. I used the bracketing feature to crank out the Classic Chrome and Acros simulations for each shot, and I barely had to edit anything. It makes me wonder whether it’s worth all the trouble shooting RAW files most of the time.