Lost and Found

For years I operated under the assumption that I threw it out my old favorite baseball glove. I never once considered it an accident, that I simply lost track of it through moving houses and major life events. But when it suddenly reappeared, it proved me wrong about my own worst habits.

Inside Baseball

Parenting is a constant exercise in finding connections to your own past through your kids, but memory is an untrustworthy thing. Part of what we think we have in common may be nothing more than our kids choosing their own version of the story.

Mr. Sentimental

I’d be worried about my qualifications as a parent if I didn’t get choked up at the sight of my three-year-old’s palm preserved for posterity in purple paint on a piece of construction paper. But I’m surprised that my son is showing that same streak of sentimentality already too.

Home Instead

The town where I grew up isn’t the same place as when my friends were playing army in the backyard or driving home from football practice. I’ve moved on, and now that the house where I grew up belongs to someone else, some other young couple starting a family just like my parents years ago, it’s fixed firmly in the past.